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The main window of Auto Keybot allows you to configure various options for the auto clicker - Auto Keybot has a host of special autoclicking features not found in other autoclickers.

You can configure delay or interval between mouse clicks and keyboard clicks and you can define the number of clicks to be automated easily via the interface.

This autoClicker allows you to configure intervals / delays in clicks in values of miliseconds, miliseconds is 1/1000th of a second, so to make 1 second pause just set to 1000ms, to add 1 minute you add 60000ms.

AutoClicker Auto Keybot also shows the timer and script progress in the progress bars - and Auto Keybot is the ONLY autoclicker which has this feature, making it much easier to test and tweak your scripts to perfection.

Auto Keybot is offered on a free to try basis (FREE version). You can try it for free for an unlimited time period with minor limitations or buy the full version via Paypal.

You can buy the full version securely via Paypal using any major Credit Cards - and you do not have to make a Paypal account, just complete the purchase via Paypal.

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