Requests for customized scripts or programs

If you have a request for a specific job you want done or have requests for things you would like implemented in Auto Keybot or maybe you want your own little program? Do not hesitate to contact me per E-mail.

I have been programming for 20+ years and although there are many things I am not capable of I can probably help most people with little jobs. So if you want to save some time, ask me about a particular job just write.

What I cannot do

I do this part time and it is my hobby and I will help you any way I can.
But I cannot commit to large projects and I simply do not have the time to fully support users with every problem.

Programming is my hobby and I do not intend to make a fortune on programming - I have a full time job and a family to support as well.

Thank you for your interest!
Contact E-mail: