Autoclicker Frequently Asked Questions

Please note! ALWAYS remember to select the WINDOW that your clicks etc. should be sent to.
This should be on every line in your script (press the REFRESH button if the window is not in the list)

Q: "How do I add mouseclick to my script?" -A: Just press the 'Mouseclick' button, the window will minimize and you can click anywhere on the screen. When you click Left, Right or Middle mouse button, the window will reappear and the script line added with coordinates and which mousebutton was clicked. Please notice that Windows 7 sometimes require Auto Keybot to be "Run as admin" to work properly.

Q: "How do I set it up to use a Gmail E-mail?" -A: - port:465 - SSL:enable - Your name - Your FULL email - your FULL email - Gmail account password.

Q: "Does autoclicker Auto Keybot work with my computer game?" -A: Yes, autoclicker Auto Keybot will work with most games, also games that are in fullscreen mode (but please note that you may experience lag when changing between full screen windows, depending on your hardware). Please test autoclicker Auto Keybot trial with your application to make sure it works (see below).

Q: "autoclicker Auto Keybot does not work with my game? Why not?" -A: Some games do not use the Windows operating system key capture, so they will override the clicks sent from autoclicker Auto Keybot, try switching to windows mode or change compatibility in Windows. Always test autoclicker Auto Keybot with your game before buying the full version to make sure it works.

Q: "Can I get banned using this in game?" -A: It all depends How you use it! If you make a simple script and run it for hours then there is a possibility that you will get noticed in-game and people will report you. This is why the "random pause" feature was implemented (Use it!) - Do not use autoclickers un-attended for long periods of time!

Q: "Windows keeps warning me that Auto Keybot can be "potentially harmful"?

-A: autoclicker Auto Keybot is not certified with Microsoft (it costs alot of money) so YOU have to tell Windows that the file is not harmful. You can do that by unchecking the "always ask...."

Q: "How do I change the hotkey??" -A: Just enter the hotkey or key combination (see below) in the text field and press the little button to the right (please note that hotkeys "overwrite" how normal keys work, this may interfere with other programs or even the Windows operating system).

Q: "Can I get autoclicker Auto Keybot to start a program that is not open?" -A: Yes, just set Auto Clicker autoclicker Auto Keybot to double click on the program icon on the desktop (Program Manager) with the {md} command or use the "#r" command to open and use Windows Run dialogue (see below).

Q: "My antivirus software tells me this could be a harmful file?" -A: This is a GENERAL warning that an .exe file has the ability to interact with your Windows software (it does NOT mean that it is harmful). You will have to tell your Windows operating system that the file is OK. Auto Keybot will never try to connect to the internet.
Autoclicker Auto Keybot is 100% virus and trojan free!
Our partners has checked the software and you can find the latest website and file scan of Auto Keybot from:

Virus Total Scan of - Result: Clean Scan of Auto Keybot File - Result: Clean

Q: "What happens after I transfer money via Paypal?" -A: After the money has been received, you will get an E-mail with the download link for the full version - you have free upgrades and download forever!

Q: "Can Auto Keybot make drag? Like dragging an icon?" -A: Yes in the Evolution version, use the command {LeftMouse Down} this will hold down the left mousekey, then use {MoveMouse} to move the mouse while holding and then use {LeftMouse Up} to release the mousebutton again.

Q: "Can I do other things while my script is running?" -A: It depends... Auto Keybot will take control of your mouse and keyboard whenever something in the script is triggered, so you may find that you are interrupted all the time depending on your script. You can however use the {m1bounceback} for mouseclicks instead of {m1}. This will move the cursor back to the position it had just prior to a left mouseclick almost instantly (so you don't have to move it back from where you were using it).

Q: "I want a pause after a mouse click, how?" -A: Auto Keybot will prompt automatically and you just enter the pause in miliseconds, or you can edit it in the column just to the right of 'repeats'.

Q: "Can I set Auto Keybot to loop sections of my script?" -A: Just use the command {Jump} to jump to a specific line, enter the line number in the next edit field.

Q: "Can I set Auto Keybot to only run my script one time?" -A: Just insert the command {stop} in the last line of your script or set the script loop to 1 in the "Number of script loops" edit field.

Q: "Can Auto Keybot hold down a key?" -A: First off all I want to stress that programs interpret holding a key differently, so you may have to experiment with this. First method: put a 0 (zero) in Repeats and enter the time you want it to be down (Auto Keybot send the UP and DOWN automatically). However as mentioned program will interpret this key state differently so maybe try this method if the first does not work, example: {A DOWN} - put 1 in Repeats, and then the time you want it to be down in Timer column, remember to send the command {A UP} release it again.

Q: "Can Auto Keybot hold down more than one key?" -A: Yes, for example use the {A down} to hold A or {shiftdown} or {altdown} to hold down these - remember to use {A Up} and {shiftup} / {altup} to RELEASE ALL the the keys again (otherwise they will be down forever!!).

Q: "How do I start and stop autoclicker Auto Keybot easily?" -A: Use the hotkey F1 to start and stop autoclicker Auto Keybot. You can change this hotkey to your liking in the hotkey section below the script. Auto Keybot will store these changes in the Windows Registry.

Q: "Does autoclicker Auto Keybot work with my MS Outlook?" -A: Yes, Auto Clicker autoclicker Auto Keybot will work with any Windows program that has a window open.

Q: "Can I get Auto Keybot to check for a pixel color?" -A: Yes, using the command {WaitForColor} you can get Auto Keybot to react to color change in pixels. Auto Keybot will WAIT untill the specified color appears.

Q: "Can I use Shift together with a mouse click?" -A: To use SHIFT together with any combination of key click, send the command {SHIFTDOWN} first, just remember to "clear" Shift again using the command {SHIFTUP} after you are done using it.

Q: "How can I see size and position of a window in Auto Keybot Evolution? I want to use {WindowMove}?" -A: You can find the windows position X,Y coordinates and the window size Width,Height int the Window list (you may have to push the REFRESH button to update the window list). These can be used to restore the windows original position and size with the {WindowMove} command.

Q: "How does the Random Character command {randomchar} work??" -A: Insert the command {randomchar} followed by the string of characters you want Auto Keybot to choose from. For example: {randomchar}012345 - Auto Keybot will randomly select 1 character from the string "012345" and send to the window.

{Randomchar} Youtube tutorial

Q: "Auto start/Auto load feature does not work?" -A: This feature stores information in the Windows Registry, so you need to make sure that Auto Keybot can access the Windows Registry (right click Auto Keybot icon, go into the menu PROPERTIES, then COMPATIBILITY and set the option RUN PROGRAM AS ADMINISTRATOR). If it works in the Trial, it should work in the full version as well.


{m1} - Click left mouse button (screen coordinates x,y)

{m2} - Click right mouse button (screen coordinates x,y)

{mi} - Click middle mouse (screen coordinates x,y)

{md} - Double Click mouse (screen coordinates x,y)

'!' to use the ALT keystroke together with another key, example: !a will send "ALT+a".

'+' to use the SHIFT keystroke together with another key, example: +a will send "SHIFT+a".

'^' to use the CONTROL keystroke together with another key, example: "^a" will send "CTRL+a".

{WindowTitle}newname Change name of a window to whatever you write just after the command
{WindowMove}70 Move a window, speed 70 (can be 1-100) ({WindowMove} - X,Y - width,height
{Randomchar}ABCDEFG Send a random key AK will take one of the following possibilities: ABCDEFG
{LeftMouse Down} HOLD the left mousekey down (untill release command is issued) - Release it with {LeftMouse Up}
{WaitForColor}4455AA Auto Keybot will suspend the script execution until the color 4455AA appears in the pixel coordinates (other programs call it PixelGetColor)
{WaitForTime} Auto Keybot will suspend the script execution until the system clock reaches the stated time
{ColorJump}6622AA Auto Keybot will jump immediately to the stated line IF the color 66aaAA is found in the pixel, otherwise it just continues

{ENTER} ENTER key on the main keyboard
{ALT} ALT key
{UP} Up arrow
{DOWN} Down arrow
{LEFT} Left arrow
{RIGHT} Right arrow
{END} END key
{F1} - {F12} Function keys
{TAB} TAB key
{PRINTSCREEN} Print Screen key
{LWIN} Left Windows key
{RWIN} Right Windows key
{NUMLOCK on} NUMLOCK (on/off/toggle)
{CAPSLOCK off} CAPSLOCK (on/off/toggle)
{SCROLLLOCK toggle} SCROLLLOCK (on/off/toggle)
{BREAK} for Ctrl+Break processing
{NUMPAD0} - {NUMPAD9} Numpad digits
{NUMPADMULT} Numpad Multiply
{NUMPADADD} Numpad Add
{NUMPADSUB} Numpad Subtract
{NUMPADDIV} Numpad Divide
{NUMPADDOT} Numpad period
{NUMPADENTER} Enter key on the numpad
{APPSKEY} Windows App key
{LALT} Left ALT key
{RALT} Right ALT key
{LCTRL} Left CTRL key
{RCTRL} Right CTRL key
{LSHIFT} Left Shift key
{RSHIFT} Right Shift key
{SHIFTDOWN} HOLD Shift key DOWN (untill release command is issued)
{SHIFTUP} RELEASE Shift key again
{ALTDOWN} HOLD Alt key DOWN (untill release command is issued)
{ALTUP} RELEASE Alt key again
{CTRLDOWN} HOLD CTRL key DOWN (untill release command is issued)

'#' The hash sends a Windows keystroke; therefore, "#r" would send Win+r which launches the Run dialog box.
Line 1 - #Rexplorer{Enter}
This would start the Windows Explorer program.

The special characters can be combined. So that "^!a" would send "CTRL+ALT+a".