Auto Clicker Auto Keybot Development

Auto clicker Auto Keybot is under constant development - let me know per E-mail if you have a special request.

June 2017 - Reupdated the source code and lowered prices - buy NOW to support please! Thank you!

October 2016 - Updated website - Auto Keybot is now only available in the improved Evolution or Advanced versions.

April 2016 - updated Auto Keybot Evo with the new command RandomJump. {RandomJump} instantly jump to a random line of your choosing - example {RandomJump}1,5,122

August 2015 - updated Auto Keybot Evo and Adv so that you can now define an area where it will randomly click. The area is uniquely defined for each script line.

August 2015 - Updated Auto Keybot Evolution to version 4.5: fixed ESC closing program, changed coordinates syntax so mouseclicks now repeat on a single script line.

July 2015 - Update Auto Keybot to version 3.3 - per request: Fixed ESC closing program, changed coordinates syntax so mouseclicks now repeat on a single script line.

March 2015 - Updated Evolution and Advanced - added counters for logical test and jumps.

November 2013 - Launched Auto Keybot Advanced.

October 2013 - Added the {m1bounceback} command to Auto Keybot Evolution: The cursor will jump back (almost instantly) after clicking somewhere on the screen.

October 2013 - Added the {Jump} command to both Auto Keybot and Evolution - make loops in your scripts

June 2013 - Fixed an error where the program would not stop even though the STOP timer was set

May 2013 - Added possibility in Auto Keybot to set a fixed number of times to loop script (or loop infinitely)

April 2013 - Auto Keybot Evolution will now hold 3000 lines of script

April 2013 - Added the command {WindowTitle} which allows you to change the name of any window

April 2013 - Added new button COPY to make script editing easier - yes multi-selection is possible - hold CTRL or SHIFT to select more than one line

December 2012 - Bug fix release Evolution 4.0b - fixed bug in {ColorJump}, not executing jump correctly and stuck at line with the command (thank you Sebastien B-Lejour!)

November 2012 - Added possilibity for random area clicking to mouseclicks. Just enter the +/- pixels distance from your static click coordinates in the "Random mouseclick spread" field.

May 2012 - Bug fix release v2.9b - Program crash when "file not found", fixed minor bugs in the Listview, added syntax check to scripting.

May 2012 - Hotkeys, Auto Load/Start script is now saved to Windows registry

May 2012 - All script making buttons (Add, Insert, Delete etc.) are now hotkeyed and can be customized to your liking (thank you Hajas Kristof for the idea)

May 2012 - Command {randomchar} added - Send random characters to windows (thank you Kevin Sutherland for the idea)

April 2012 - Auto load/Auto start script feature added - this feature requires that Auto Keybot can write to the Windows registry

April 2012 - Auto start feature added - this feature is experimental and may not work on early Windows versions

March 2012 - Start / Stop buttons removed from GUI - Hotkey is the way to go!

March 2012 - Changed font sizes to 8 and 7 in the list to improve script visibility

March 2012 - Mouseclick coordinates now appear in just one column and you can now set a pause after mouseclicks

February 2012 - Start Time box now blinks untill the time entered is reached and the script actually starts

February 2012 - Mouseclicks are now automatically added to the script

December 2011 - Fixed {stop} command which was not working

November 2011 - Fixed hotkey issue, now it clears old hotkey and replaces with new

September 2011 - Removed Start/Stop message and replace it with a sound and improved response time

September 2011 - Added the ability to change the Start/Stop hotkey (special keys included)

August 2011 - .bot file suffix removed, now accepting all files *.*

June 2011 - Added random pause feature

June 2011 - Added progress bar to the gui

June 2011 - Added combobox list of running processes

May 2011 - Small script list with timed interval keypress or mouse press

May 2011 - Added Save / Load buttons to save and load scripts

May 2011 - Added the Start time and Stop time feature

April 2011 - Mouseclick recording now minimizes Auto Keybot window

April 2011 - Added capability to automate multiple applications

April 2011 - Auto Keybot brings the current window to the front before sending key click or mouse click

Autoclicker customer testimonials

"Ok, here is what I have so far. The mouse drag and drop are working FANTASTIC, I have a few places where this will be a big help, going to add them to my leveling script now to test. Both of these updates are AWSOME, thanks again for such a fantastic scripting tool" - Charles Haley

"Auto Keybot helps me reduce the time used for repetitive manual things. For example, I use it to open files and change information from 1000 files and it works great!"
- Chris Noble

"This program works great! I am saving ALOT of time with Auto Keybot!"
- Cyril Dressen

"Hi, I just want to say thank you. It works really well."
- Sander Lee

"Love it! Thanks!"
- Deepak chilkoti

"Very nice autoclicker :) I especially like the timer bar, it really helps to set it up. Thanks"
- Christian Manginelli

"Hi, I use this autoclicker in my game so I dont have to use so much time in front of the keyboard."
- Edwin

"Hey man! Just want to say thanks for very fast order it's a great autoclicker!"
- Salvadore

"This is a very fine piece of software! Keep up the good work!"
- Alex Justice

- Sarah

"Very stable and cheap too. Thank you.
- John

"I like it. It works well."
- Jessica

This Autoclicker/key presser Software Utility is used to click the mouse at fixed locations with set or random intervals. Use this auto mouse clicker utility to click the right, left or middle button of your mouse.

The auto clicker program has many features which you can read about on the following pages. You can download the auto clicker free trial program now and automate your mouse clicks and key presses today.

Automate the left button click of the mouse, right button click of your mouse and double mouse clicks with this auto clicker program. Insert the X, Y coordinates to specify where you want the mouse clicks.

With a press of the hotkey that you can change.
Save the auto mouse clicker scripts on your harddrive. Re-load the auto clicker script file again at your leisure. To load saved scripts with mouse and keyboard automation.

There is also another software called Auto Mouse Bot which is another simpler mouse autoclicker which allows you to create and execute simple mouse automation scripts easily.

Auto clicker will run Auto clicker scripts step by step and allows you to enter comments for every line of the mouse clicker script so that you can remember what each step does.

The hotKey or hotkey combinations can be set by the user to start and stop the automation of your auto mouse clicker scripts.

Autoclicker Auto Keybot allows you to automate many windows in the Windows operation system, left click the mouse, right click the mouse or double click the mouse easily with command line parameters {m1}, {m2}, {md} for double.The auto clicker software Auto Mouse Bot can not only do mouse clicks, but it can also click the mouse buttons even when you still have full control of the movement.

Download and evaluate the autoclicker utility for free with only a few limitations, the evaluation version of the software utility works without pop ups or reminders and there is no time limit.

You can purchase the full version of the windows macro Auto Keybot now and save much time by automating repetetive tasks. Try the free auto clicker and free auto mouse clicker before purchasing the full version.

Moving and clicking automatically can be useful to prevent computers from entering the pause screen and it works even if you are not the administrator of the computer.

Click on the menus on this website to learn more about this autoClicker. You can also see screenshots and videos of the autoclicker on Youtube where there are many videos about the auto mouse clicker utility.

Rest your fingers and let this autoclicker do the work for you.

Please use this auto clicker to start or stop windows macro with a configurable hotkey for Start/Stop. Easily set the intervals between clicks in milliseconds and you will have control of mouse clicking in Windows.

Many people have purchased this autoclicker software, you can read some of their testimonials on this website to see what they are using this auto clicker for.

This autoclicker has many features that you will not find in other auto clicker programs. When using this autoclicker you will be able to save alot of time as the autoclicker will do the work for you while you do other things.

people may use it automate computer games (it may violate the game rules - but the random pause feature makes it harder to detect) or you may want to automate other programs.
This is an easy-to-use autoclicker which really can save you alot of time.

Download the free trial version of the auto clicker and see what you think of it and what you may use it for.

Thank you for your interest!